Tour the new, advanced FedEx Tracking

                  There's a lot to love about FedEx Tracking — and as many ways to customize it as there are businesses who use it. See what it can do for you.

                  See more. Personalize more. Get more from your tracking — more easily.

                  With the new FedEx Tracking you can nickname your shipments, create a personal watch list, and filter shipments to see the details you want. It’s an all-new tracking experience that’s intuitive, that’s easy to use, and that gives you 24/7 access to information about your shipments.

                  A step-by-step tutorial

                  Gain unparallelled insight into where your shipment is, when it is scheduled to arrive, and any events along the way. Using FedEx Tracking is intuitive and the features empower you to follow and manage your shipments in the way that's most efficient for you.



                  Other ways to track

                  We understand that not everyone needs all the bells and whistles of the FedEx Tracking application. For that reason, we have a couple other ways for you to track with FedEx as well.



                  • Improved layout and design to view shipment details. You’re now able to see more and manage more effectively, with ease.
                  • Customizable options on how to view and receive tracking information. Create nicknames to simplify your view, add shipments to your personal watch list, and add or remove shipments with ease.
                  • Ability to share updates. You can quickly alert others to shipment status, delivery, and exceptions via email notifications.
                  • Option to redirect a shipment to be held at a FedEx location (U.S. only). When you need to redirect a shipment, the option is always right there.
                  • Easy access to Signature Proof of Delivery. You can even view, print, or fax signature letters.
                  • Immediate access to other solutions. Pickup, Locator, FedEx Ship Manager® at, and other features are now always where you need them, when you need them.
                  • Seamless visibility to tracking, images, and documents – plus the option to see your shipments in a list or calendar view.
                  • Ability to track shipment status from FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery®, FedEx Freight, and FedEx SmartPost®. Now you can manage all your shipments from one convenient place.

                  Tips for the new FedEx Tracking:

                  • Log in to receive more tracking details (such as Signature Proof of Delivery) and access to additional features.
                  • For users with more than 20,000 shipments, use FedEx InSight® for visibility, based on inbound, outbound, and third party shipments.
                  • To gain visibility to FedEx Freight Bills of Lading, Bill Presentment, Delivery Receipts and more, request access to FedEx InSight. FedEx validates all requests to protect the security of shipment information.

                  Recommended resources and companion tools:

                  • FedEx® Mobile: Download the right shipping and tracking app for your mobile device here.
                  • FedEx® Reporting Online: Request, view, and download reports about your business activity with FedEx here.
                  • Or, Request Reports for FedEx Freight shipments here.

                  FedEx Delivery Manager

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